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Tom de Groot
March 8, 2021
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More than 70% of consumers demand brands to improve and personalize their online customer experience

At least 24% of consumers will increase long-term use of digital channels, 38% of consumers do more shopping online, and 73% of consumers expect brands to improve and personalize their online customer experiences. Research by firms such as McKinsey and Deloitte show that the pandemic has undoubtedly acted as a catalyst speeding up consumers’ digital adoption and introducing new trends at a rate few could have predicted.

It’s hard to believe we weren’t already at full saturation when it comes to our digital consumption. However, since Covid-19, there are more people online than ever before. Internet usage went up by 70% according to Omdia. Furthermore, 32% of respondents are spending more time on social media.

Now that our online presence is at an all-time high, Digital Identity Resolution is more important than ever before for brands. Digital Identity Resolution is “the process of collecting and matching identifiers across devices and touchpoints to build a cohesive, omnichannel view of an individual consumer, enabling brands to deliver personalized, contextually relevant messaging throughout the customer journey.”

Now rests us the question: are brands ready?

Well, not really.. According to a report by BCG in 2019, 83% of businesses are not able to make important connections across internet users’ touchpoints  and devices. Covid-19 is undoubtedly bringing more people online, but brands have to wade through an extremely complex new digital environment to reach their ideal customers and deliver them the most relevant as well as personalized experience to achieve their goals. To make it even more challenging, Google announced to ban the use of third-party cookies by 2022, making the first-party cookies even more important. Silly enough, a lot of companies are not making use of their first-party data enough, while this valuable data makes it possible to build op client profiles based on interests, preferences, locations and behaviour.

Customer experience has since Covid-19 become a top priority for businesses and in 2021 and this will without doubt become more and more important. Curious what will happen to organisations and brands that choose to ignore it? In our next blog we’ll tell you what they are putting at stake.

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