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Martin Achterhof
March 5, 2021
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Top 5 web development trends you should expect in 2021!

Which website development trends will be in the spotlight? In this short blog we’ll share 5 key trends that will help you stay ahead of others and improve your online customer experience.

Tech is evolving rapidly and at one-fourth of consumers says they will increase their long-term use of digital channels. Businesses need to stay updated with ongoing online developments and trends in order to secure loyalty by their customers. In an increasingly digital world, websites, apps and social media pages are for a large part the face of your business.

So what are the top 5 web development trends for this year?

1. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

PWAs have the look and feel of mobile applications but are actually websites. According to studies, PWAs have 36% higher conversion rates than native applications. PWAs are revolutionizing the user experience (UX) through functionalities you know from native apps, without having to actually download them on your phone or tablet. The emergence of PWAs has made global brands’ identities stronger due to their offline way of working, quick loading and page speed. No wonder that some of the biggest fishes in the industry such as Amazon, Twitter and Forbes are thankfully making use of PWAs.

2. Dark(er)-Themed User Interfaces

We saw this trend already in mobile apps, but now also more and more websites are moving towards darker themed user interfaces (UI). Darker themed UI are safer and easier for the eyes as they reduce excessive eye strains. Besides that, it saves battery time on devices and gives websites a stylish touch. Darker user interfaces are therefore one of the key trends for 2021 and giants like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Android, Apple, YouTube and Reddit have already jumped on the bandwagon.

3. Single-Page Websites

In 2020 an increase in single-page websites evolved. We expect this trend to continue also in 2021 and beyond. The days of building long and extensive web structures seem to be behind us. People are more and more using the internet through mobile devices. In the third quarter of 2020, mobile devices were responsible for 51%(!) of global web traffic. When using a mobile device, navigating through single pages websites is much easier. Another advantage of single-page websites is that they are less expensive to develop and host. We at webbeluga believe in minimalist designs that are easier and quicker to read and look more appealing to your (potential) customers. Less is more!

4. Motion User Interface (UI) will boost interactivity

Next to balance in all the relevant information that someone is searching for, your website should also be aesthetically pleasing to visitors. Increasing focus is put on UI, and motion UI is the next step in guiding visitors through your website. People are lazy; they don’t want to wonder where to go. Motion UI helps you create an intuitive online experience that guides users, telling them what to do and where to focus on the page. The use of visual cues makes it possible to lay down a fluid and enjoyable online user experience.

5. Cybersecurity

Every day 50,000 websites are attacked by hackers. Your website likely contains a lot of sensitive information about people that visited it. Therefore it is important that your website is HTTPS (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure). This is basic security standard for all websites that ensures secure communication without any threat from third parties. Websites that are not protected by HTTPS are marked by Google as unsafe, with all its consequences.

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